(ASO use only)
1 3/8/05 fsr040510 fs-26886
south greenhouse NSS estimate -electrical greenhouse 3/30/05 need estimate
6//05 wanted to know how far apart you need the outlets.  Sal spoke to Art Cordova.
7/19/05 estimate #1309  $2293.08. wtng for Sal to appv
7/25/05 Sal to check with Delmy
8/30/05 Fac will pay for it.  Craig was informed
9/15/05 Craig to check with Ed.
11/22/05 Ed told Sal he will start outlets next week.
Sal wants to see drawings and may reduce # of outlets.
2 7/26/05 fs200503939 BS greenhouse NSS Asbestos abatement to reinstall backup coolers 9/15/05 Provide sheet metal with hole. Doug
4/12/06 Tom ?
3 7/26/05 fs200503940 BS greenhouse nss Bench construction 9/15/05 Built
1/5/05 facilities are way on their way.
2/3/06 Casters type $40.  Check number of benches.
4/12/06 need to check with Mick on cost
4 7/26/05 fs200503941 BS greenhouse NSS Plumbing lines(for sink, irrigation, and additional hose bibs), repair/install mist system in N & S greenhouse including DI water for the mist system. 9/15/05 Provide drawing (Sal)
2/3/06 Company that sell kits ($) Mauricio today- next e mail him next week
4/12/06 check with Mauricio
5 7/26/05 fs200503942 BS greenhouse NSS Glass repair 9/15/05??? Need to schedule (meet with Sal)
1/5/06 outside vendor
2/3/06 Helen to set up a walkthrough
6 7/26/05 fs200503943 BS greenhouse NSS Replace old, worn shade cloth 9/15/05 ask Theresa
1/5/06 outside vendor
2/3/06 Delmy to call Theresa
2/21/06 vendor is: aluminex:Milan 951-353-1101.  Info given to Craig B
7 7/26/05 fs200503944 BS greenhouse NSS small movable ramp built at south gate to facilitate wheeling  9/15/05 Issue????
8 7/26/05 fs200503945 BS greenhouse NSS Coordination with campus grounds reg area around greenhouse(removal of junipers and palm, planting of new socucculent and cacti area, sand replacement of missing shrubs. 9/15/05 TYE
1/5/05 will check with John F.  He is overseeing grounds.
2/3/05 Helen to schedule a walkthough
9 7/26/05 fs200503946 BS greenhouse NSS Telescoping glass cleaner for greenhouse glass and pressure wash 9/15/05 needs to be schedule as quaterly
4/12 lift to area or hire an outside contractor
10 7/26/05 fs200503947 BS greenhouse NSS Pressure washer 4/12 lift to area or hire an outside contractor.
11 7/26/05 fs200503948 BS greenhouse NSS 12 foot ladder for maintaining and repairing glass 4/12/ lift to area or hire an outside contractor.
12 7/26/05 fs200503949 BS greenhouse NSS Relocation of fence (to enlarge outdoor cultivation area) 9/15/05 submit request (NSS) to move
2/24/06 submit to cpcc