(ASO use only)
1 3/7/03 2002-64 FS-2241 PS 609 Chem INSTALLATION OF GAS BOOSTER 5/03 room deemed unsafe, 8/03 Plumbing Engineer prepares proposal to produce specification to the shop up to code. 9/03 Mark, Sal and Dean Cardoza meet to discuss project. 1/04 NSS trying to fund reduced scope of work from Plumbing Engineer.1/23/04 Sal to send to FS copy of proposal from Plumbing Engineer. MEP fax 4/21/04 MEP proposal provide to Fac Svcs, pending department approval 5/20/04 Pending approval of funds by Chem department
6/25/04 Smembreno to get contract
10/6/04 SM will meet with MEP on Monday 1230-130pm
10/28/04 SM to call engineer to check on status on plans
12/03/04 SM to call engineer
1/27/05 SM to send memo to John for plumers to make changes to Drawings
2/17/05 Memo and copy of drawins sent to John Ferris
2/24/05 Mauricio is reviewing drawings
3/21/05 Dr. tikkanen e-mail DR.  He would like status on project
3/21/05 SM e-mail facilities requesting information.
3/28 - no answer from facilities
3/30- KW to talk to plumber supervisor.
4/11/05 project will be sent out.
5/26/05 SM to provide Craig B a set of new prints asap, obtain bids based on drawings.
7/25/05 check with John, Sarab and contractors.  Send to Bid ASAP
8/30/05 Craig  said Fac Services to review (Mauricio) 3 contractors job walk?
9/15/05 Mauricio will contact contractors.
10/27/05 Mauricio to look at specs
10/31/05 Craig said to ask Sal if he has copies of the plans.
11/9/05 Craig would like Sal to draft exactly what needs to be done to send it out for Bid. 
Kevin Bradey is asking about this project now.
2/22/06 drawing have specifications-Sal to contact Michael Huston X3489.
2/24/06 Sarab- contact to walk.  Craig need this INFO: 1. Scope of work.  2. Time frame 3. start date 4. location of meeting- job walk 5. liquid damages "penalty"
1 3/7/03 2002-64 FS-2241 PS 609 Chem INSTALLATION OF GAS BOOSTER continue: 4/12/06 new fsr will be issued next fiscal year.
John F. = contractor, Mauricio = ?, Sal = contractor.  Sal Make copies of plans
5/3/06 Craig discuss with Sarab - no response.
Sal to email Jerry Lam

2 1/8/04 FAC0364 FS-8886 SH 356 Math wax & scrub  floor 7/27/04 To be scheduled
8/26/04 To be scheduled for October
10/6/04 KW to check logs; SM to check room
12/03/04 floors not done
1/27/05 completed 10 months ago.  Kirby will check the room Sunday or next Sat
2/24/05 SM will ask Deidra to check
3/7/05 DR asked Tom to check- work not completed
3/30/05 KW to check again
5/26/05 Craig B will check with Kirby
7/25/05 Ask Deidra if floor is cleaned.
7/27/05 Floors have not been clean or waxed.
9/15/05 no update
10/27/05 Schedule meeting.  Helen will schedule the meeting.
11/3/05 availability for Fall given to Mark.  also write in F-11-2 room being used not on GET.
6/13/06 martha will go check to see if the floor has been cleaned.
3 2/4/04 FAC0375 FS-10452
new FS#
PS 32/34 Zhao G. Relocate canopy hood from PS 32 to 34, to exhaust minor amount of heat from room 3/25 Schedule walk with Art Cordova. 11am on 3/19/04 in PS 23 PS 265 4/21/04 waiting for estimate 5/20/04 Vbanker to provide estimate
6/25/04 Next budget year
7/27/04 Need estimate
8/26/04 Need estimate from Facilities Services - S Membreno to ask contractor in PS 32
10/6/04 FS to provide estimate, canopy hood available (Ian)
10/28/04 KW will fax estimate
12/03/04 will fax today
1/27/05 no estimate provided
2/15/05 SM signed and DR faxed estimate# 1135 $1925.10 to Mark Facio. Original walked later 2/15/05
2/24/05 Check with Art Cordova to provide schedule for installation
3/30/05 KW will check with Art C
6/30/05 check with Doug F.
7/8/04 Craig will be e-mail Doug(on vacation until Tuesday) needs status of work.
7/25/05 Check with Charles Mayfield.  Craig will send email.
8/3/05 Tom told facilities not to do anywork.  BSE were working with METAL.
8/30/05 Sal to e-mail Doug
10/21/05 Sal met with Doug.  Sal will meet w/ Charles mayfield.
10/27/05 check signs
4/12/06 Craig to talk to Doug Frame
5/3/06 will email Doug about the canopy.
5 3/9/05 fsr040511 fs-26884
BS 307A NSS new doors, dispose of old 3/estimate recvd 1233 $1591.65. 3/29 signed and sent to Facilities
new FS# 27601 - to complete job
5/3/05 Delmy called facilities for status.  Doors are on order.  They should be coming in next week
5/24 Delmy called Mfacio.  Door are still not here, he is waitng to hear when they will arrive.
5/26/05 Craig B cehck with carpenter's shop
6/7/05 asked craig for an update
6/9/05 doors came in a week ago.  most likely work will be done toward end of June.
6/27/05 per Mike M work will be done 6/28/05
6/30/05 door knob needs to be placed
7/13/05 Sal e-mail Mick M.  needs status of work.
7/25/05 Craig will check with Mick & John F Lockshop status.  Paint doors- off white 3 doors.  Check against for painting.
7/29/05 as per Craig's e-mail Mark will try to complete work by mid week. (new fs200501061 to paint doors)
9/15/05 Karl Kimberland need locks to complete the job.
10/27/05 Sal will call lockshop
1/24/06 Tom said doors locks not finished.
2/22/06 Drill hole on door.  Craig - Who will drill????
2/24/06 Carpenters to drill holes.  NEEDS to be scheduled
4/12/06 Paul waiting on handles.  Paul to call Sal on keys are done.
5/3/06 Sal to check email about it.????
5/25/06 Email Paul about which key?
11 9/13/05 fsr050611 fs200502336 BS 132 clsrm wax & scrub  floor 5/15/06 scheduled  
15 9/22/05 fsr050621 fs200502627 KH C4068, A marie remove carpet 10/27/05 will schedule, chair email to inform mark.
Nov & Dec. - estimate approved.  Craig called back and asked who would be moving furniture and what would happen once carpet removed.  New Carpet? No new carpet just remove and facilities to move furniture,  Craig will adjust estimate to include all this.  New estimate and it has been approved.
1/6/06 - Craig asked where is furniture going to be stored?  Sal will try to find a room close by.
5/3/06 - do during quater break. Check flooring after removal of carpet install vct.
5/5/06 - hold until next fiscal year.
17 10/4/05 fsr050627 fs200502848 KH D4057   patch & paint 2/22/06 Room will be available F & S after 3/11/06.
4/12/06 have Tom check if painted
5/3/06 complete
6/13/06 Delmy checked room. Only patch not painted front only.
18 11/9/05 fsr050635 fs200504330 ET Poly Sci   wax & scrub  floor wax & scrub all rooms in Poly sci dept.  Room availability provided.  Rooms 531,533,529,516,517,524,525 not done yet. 5/15/06 516, 526, 529 not done too many papers on the floor  
19 11/9/05 fsr050636 fs200504328 ET 524&525   clean & shampoo carpet Room availability provided
5/16/05 room has been schedule
5/19/05 524 was completed. 
5/22/06 525 could not be done too many things on the floor.  Calvin left a message for Sal. Isabel said that room would be emptied by fridady 5/26/06. 
5/23/06 Anthony was told that the room would be ready for friday.  He said it was fine.
6/13/06 Erwin will find out if 525 was cleaned.
20 11/16/05 fsr050639 fs200504389 Lib 4048b   move boxes 11/17/05 Delmy asked Craig to expedite.  He said Kurbi could do this.
Dec.  Kirby said he would go take a look.  Kirby said that he could not go in the room, it is locked.  He saw what needed to be moved and will get back to us.
2/21/06 E-mail Kirby with room # pick from LIb 4048B and store in KH 5001.  Kirby will send us an estimate this week.
3/15/06 left a message for Kirby.  where is estimate?
4/17/06 message left for Kirby- where is estimate
5/5/06 Craig sent an email to Kirby- no answer yet.
5/16/06 kirby sent estimate #1497  $162.00
5/23/06 estimated signed and walked to Facilities.
21 11/28/05 fsr050641 fs200504708 KH c3095   wax & scrub  floor 5/15/06 scheduled  
22 11/18/05 fsr050642 fs200504383 KH a3027   wax & scrub  floor    
23 11/18/05 fsr050643 fs200504384 KH 3027   paint 4/12 Craig to check with Mark - Sal need schedule
5/25/06 Tom to check ? To verify
24 12/6/05 fsr050644   BS 168   wax & scrub  floor    
25 1/20/06 fsr050647 fs200506238 PS 510 sal new blinds 2/20/2006 estimate # 1434 $1928.48.
2/21/06 Sal requested to see a sample of the blind that will be installed
5/3/06 will send approval today.  Estimate has been approved by Sal.
5/8/06 as per Craig all Fs need to approved by Martha N.
5/25/06 used  the animal account.  Encumber funds
26 1/24/06 fsr050648 fs200508746 KH d3076 sal remove wall 2/2 Mark went to ck 3076 no sponge on the walls or in any rooms adjacent.  Delmy called him and told him that the sponge is inside the metal door room.  Sal will meet with Craig and Mark to show them exactly what the room needs.
4/12/06 check with Mark F.
5/2/06 estimate #1482 $2419.40.  Needs to be appvd by Martha N. Acct is strup.
5/5/06 Martha did not approved.  Account changed to lottery. work to be done in June - need 2 day notice
26 1/24/06 fsr050648 fs200508748 KH d3076 sal remove foam & carpet 5/2/06 estimate # 1481 $286.80-subject to change EH&S
5/5/06 Martha did not approved.  Changed to lottery acct.
5/25/06 work to be done in June - need 2 day notice.
27 1/24/06 fsr050649 fs200506030 KH d3079 sal remove a/c frm ceiling 4/12/06 Craig B to obtain/supply estimate
5/3/06 estimate # 1486 $2003.60
5/25/06 lottery to be moved to next fiscal year.
27 1/24/06 fsr050649 fs200509091 KH d3079 sal bse- plumbing cap line 5/3/06  estimate #1493 $62.48
5/25/06 lottery to be moved to next fiscal year.
27 1/24/06 fsr050649 fs200509092 KH d3079 sal elec - cap line 5/3/06 estimate #1494 $332.18
5/25/06 lottery fund - to be moved to next fiscal year
27 1/24/06 fsr050649 fs200509093 KH d3079 sal carp -repair ceiling 5/3/06 estimate #1487 $349.30
5/25/06 lottery funds- to be moved to next fiscal year.
27 1/24/06 fsr050650 fs200506031 KH d3079 sal carpet remove 4/12/06 Craig B to obtain/supply estimate
5/3/06 estimate # 1435 $421.00
5/25/06 lottery fund - to be moved to next fiscal year.
27 1/24/06 fsr050650 fs200509096 KH d3079 sal carp-new vct 5/3/06  carp estimate #1490 $1320.40
5/25/06 lottery fund- to be moved to next fiscal year.
28 2/8/06 fsr050652 fs200507047 kh d3081e wasson Paint 2/20 Dr. Wasson's wants status of paint job
3/1 Dr. wasson wants status of paint job.
3/15 Delmy called not painted yet
5/3/06 TH, F need to schedule .
27 2/9/06 fsr050654 fs200509094 KH 3079 sal seal door & remove thermo 4/12/06 Sal will meet with Doug, Craig and Robert.  No estimate provided
5/3/06 estimate #1491   $405.55
26 29/06 fsr050655 FS200509098 KH 3076a sal Install new lights 4/12/06 Sal will meet with Doug, Craig and Robert.  No estimate provided  
29 2/20/06 fsr050657 fs200507192 mc 2 sal repair sash on fume hood 5/3/06  contact Doug  
30 4/14/06 fsr050660 fs200508796 PS 853 sal Paint 5/9 mark wanted room availability- Open MTTHF
5/25/06 ASO to give room availability.
27 4/17/06 fsr050661 fs200506026 KH 3079 sal paint patch &Paint doors 5/3/06 estimate #1489   estimate $151.17
5/25/06 lottery account - move to next fiscal year
27 4/17/06 fsr050661 fs200508849 KH 3079 sal paint Paint ceiling 5/3/06 estimate #1488   estimate $554.68
5/25/06 lottery account - move to next fiscal year
27 4/17/06 fsr050661 fs200509097 KH 3079 sal contract-glass windows 5/3/06 estimate#1492  estimate $750.00
5/25/06 lottery account - move to next fiscal year
31 4/14/06 fsr050662 fs200508762 BS 269 sal repair-raplace belt, motor 5/17 left a message w/Doug
5/23/06 Carl called Sal and said that he had changed the motor of the fume hood and that Todd would not release it because the glass on the fume hood needed to be changed
5/25/06 send an FWR
32 5/4/06 fsr050665 fs200509706 BS bldng sal cold rooms 5/25/06 Doug Frame  
33 5/4/06 fsr050666 fs200509549 PS bldng sal cold rooms 5/25/06 Doug Frame  
34 5/23/06 fsr050667 fs200509897 PS 32 sal switch a/c in the room from TES to PS cooling tower 5/25/06 Doug Frame  
35 5/26/06 fsr050668   BS 269 sal repair glass 5/?/06 Alhambra glass came in to do estimate.  $ will have to be paid from 06-07year